Love Story

Jollie came to the house for dinner where her cousin was living and Jason was also living there. They had an instant attraction at first site and whilst their first time meeting was short, they looked forward to seeing each other again. The second time they met, the cousin, Jollie and Jason watched a horror movie whilst eating pizza. Jollie got quite scared about the movie and they had to change the movie. However, Jason found that Jollie was very interesting and he wanted to protect her.
He tried to spend more time with her. He asked her to go out for dinner and go to the cinema to see a movie for a first date, which she was delighted about. They had wonderful time together and to know more about each other. After six months of dating, Jason felt that he loved Jollie so much and he knew that she loved him too. He could see it in her eyes when they would stare at each other for hours at a time.
love couple
When he was certain the love was mutual, he decided to propose her. On the day, he prepared everything to have a perfect proposal for her. He asked her to have dinner with him at a fancy restaurant in the city and asked her to wear her favourite dress. He dressed up also in a lavish navy suit and went to a florist to get Jollie a bouquet of Lilac flowers.
He came early and waited for her for an hour. Finally, she arrived and they went to dinner. After they had finished dinner, he suddenly downed on one knee with a flower bouquet in one hand and a ring in the other. He asked her to be his wife. She did not hesitate in responding and jumped at the opportunity to say yes. He grabbed her, bringed her into his hold and kissed her more passionately than ever before. While pulling her body closer to him, he whispered in her ear that he would love her so much forever.
One year later, they were married with a baby planned for the following year, knowing that their lives would be spent together until they were old and grey.

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