Movie Review


Last month, I watched the American movie “Dead Silence” at home. It’s a horror movie, which was made in 2007 by James Wan. The movie is about a woman called Mary Shaw (Judith Roberts) who was a ventriloquist and a doll.
She died many years ago. One day, her doll was sent to a young couple, Jamie (Ryan Kwanten) and Lisa (Laura Regan). They opened it and found a doll, but they did not know who sent it and this is where it all stars. The young wife was murdered, so Jamie decided to go back to his hometown to find the truth.
I really love this movie because it is so interesting that you cannot stop watching it. Although the story is nothing new, I think the acting was okay and the director did a good job, because the movie looked good. The whole movie moved along very well and had clearly been directed and put together with attention. The special effect was created through some very interesting sound designs.
I have watched many horror movies and this is one of my favourites. Therefore, I would recommend this movie to people who like horror movies.

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