Graffiti should be seen as a legitimate art form.

Recently, graffiti is becoming more and more popular to the younger generation. People have all wondered that if graffiti should be considered as a legitimate art form. Each people look at this problem in different ways. Some people think that graffiti should be banned in the public because it makes the city become dirty and ugly. However, some people think that graffiti is an art form. For this reason, this essay is going to argue that graffiti should be seen as a legitimate art form for several reasons, one is graffiti help young people express themselves and another reason is that graffiti requires a lot skill, practice and passion.
The first and the most important reason is that graffiti is a tool to help young people express themselves. Many people considered communication as a way to express themselves and graffiti is one of these ways. It is a good place for young people to feel free to show their talent and opinion about their life in their own way to society. Graffiti has become wildly accepted by many people now because it gives them a chance to show their talent and skill in a different way, which they never use before. Leah Farmer and Rachel Milos wrote that: “It is visible and powerful form of protest that promotes change and social justice by allowing oppressed groups to express their viewpoint about human rights abuses, past and present”. People used graffiti for thousands of years to remember what happened in the past and how their life was. Therefore, graffiti provides people evidences to help them understand more about human life in the past. It is also used as a design to help many people have inspiration to create works of art.

Another reason why graffiti should be seen as a legitimate art form is that graffiti requires a lot skill, practice and determination to make a brand for the world to see. According to the Oxford Dictionary, the term art is defined as “The expression or application creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power”. Similarly, graffiti require designer a lot of skill, time and passion to create a real work of art. Therefore, graffiti can be seen as a form of art. For people who don’t like graffiti, it is nothing more than visual pollution. However, for people who spend most of their time on creating it, it is a skill that is changing the way people look at spray paint.
Some people think that graffiti is an image of criminal behavior and an illegal form of art, which should be banned in public by law. According to Whitney Pipkin, graffiti has long been seen as vandalism more than serious art, since it is made on private areas, such as walls, benches or building. People often think that graffiti just make the city become dirty and ugly and the government should not consider graffiti as a legitimate form of art. However, this is not a strong argument. Because each person has their right to express their feelings and like all other artistic form, graffiti should be showed their beauty and emotional power to everyone. Instead of banning or cleaning up Graffiti, government should promote positive aspects of this form of art. “Having legal walls available means writers and street artists can choose legal and safe options where they do their graffiti. And for those who are looking to improve their skills and maybe get paid work doing what they like, legal walls are a great opportunities” (Border Mail, 2012). Areas, such as, children centers, youth centers or old buildings could be transformed into colorful places for children and young people. It not only help street artists have legal and safe place to do what they like but also help people who are interested in graffiti have a place to visit.
In conclusion, Graffiti is another way for many people to express themselves, to show their talent and skill and it also is used as an inspiration for many people to create works of art. Besides, Graffiti is a result of a long process of practice and creativity of the artists. Therefore, the evidence presents in this essay suggests that people should consider Graffiti as a legitimate art form and promote positive aspects of this form of art to encourage those who are interested in Graffiti have more chance to improve their skill and show their talent to everyone.

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