Da Nang – A good place to visit.

My favourite thing to do is traveling. That is why I have travelled a lot. I love all the places that I have been. However, the trip to Vung Tau is the most memorable memory in my life. That was the first time I travelled without my parents. I went with my best friend and we stayed there for 3 days. It was summer at that time, so the weather was very annoying. It was hot and humid.
However, the people were very nice and friendly. On the first day, we went to the beach and played volleyball on the sand. After that, we went to a famous restaurant to eat seafood. It was amazing that the food was very fresh and much cheaper than I thought. On the next day, we visited an old classmate and had a BBQ party with her family. And on the final day, we visited many beautiful places and bought souvenirs for our family and friends. I think it was quite cheap for visiting many beautiful places and I had many experiences. I love everything in Vung Tau except the annoying weather.
It was a wonderful time and we enjoyed ourselves so much. Therefore, I hope I can go back to Vung Tau as soon as possible in order to spend wonderful time with my family. I would also suggest my friends visiting Vung Tau because it is not only beautiful but also a peaceful place for you to spend more time with your family after a long time working.

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